Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ten things...

Ten things about this weekend...5 good and 5 bad.

5 good things about this weekend:

#1 Chris was home...YAY!
#2 Bryce and I got some one on one time at the pool!
#3 Bryce said, "Hmmm...licious" and rubbed his tummy while he ate honey rabbit cookies.
#4 Chris got a movie Saturday night and surprised me with a coke and a new flavor of Ben and Jerry's Sorbet...yummy!
#5 We walked across the street with "da boys" to pick up a pizza for dinner tonight.

5 not so good things about this weekend:

#1 I took my car on Friday to get a weird sound checked out and they told me it would be $1000.
#2 My car broke down on the same day that I took it to get it checked out. We paid $70 to have my car towed ONE mile!
#3 We didn't get to try out another church because the boy's car seats won't fit in Chris' car.
#4 I was supposed to leave today to see my family but I don't have a car.
#5 Hmmm...ok pretty much the bad things were all caused by my car and I can't think of another one : ).

We were very blessed that I was by myself when my car broke down. The boys were all at home. I was just a few miles down the road picking up a movie for Chris. Also, PRAISE GOD for having the money to pay for my car to get fixed!!! He is SO good even in the bad!!!


carlyn said...

i didn't know it cost $1000!! that is horrible. i am so sorry.

Talia said...

quite expensive...sheesh. oh well. at least we didn't have to buy a new car.

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