Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Well, I guess it should be called "summer cleaning". Chris and I decided to take advantage of his three day weekend and clean like crazy people. Now, we did spend some good family time together in between the cleaning. We went to the pool on Saturday. The boys had a blast! So far, Chris and I have cleaned all of our drawers, cabinets, and closets downstairs. I have to clean out the pantry today. I figured that was something I could do without Chris here since I know what we should keep and what we should give away.

I cleaned out the boy's bedroom closet which was a crazy task and cleaned my side of our bedroom closet. All of the boy's clothes are now in the dresser in their closet. The other dresser/changing table is completely empty now and moved into the nursery along with the crib and my grandfather's rocking chair. It is all ready for our sweet baby coming in December. Walking into that room is so fun! I can already picture a sweet little one sleeping in the crib. Chris put up a new book shelf in our bedroom. We had SO many books just sitting around our house with no home. It feels so great to have a spot for them now and it looks really nice in our room!

All we have left to do is put the boy's daybed back together. They are currently sleeping on their mattresses on the floor. And, we have to fix the changing table/dresser because one of the drawers in broken. Tonight, poor Chris is tackling all of that and the attic. He is going to take the 5+ bags of clothes into the attic and go through everything to see if there are things to give away.

It feels SO nice to clean and get rid of things! I feel like we have a HUGE head start on getting our house ready for a third child.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Soon to be family of five...

So, most of you already know this but I wanted to post it on here...we're PREGNANT!! We are SO SO excited! We've been trying for 13 months! I will be nine weeks this Friday. I am due on December 31st. I wish it was going to be a New Year's baby! My parents and my sister/brother-in-law's anniversaries are on New Year's Eve. However, I get induced about a week and a half before my due date so this won't happen. I have a blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden. So, during all my pregnancies I have to take a blood thinner. Since I am pregnant, I can't take the pills because of the baby. So, I have to take two shots a day in my belly. Usually I take Heparin, but this time they have me on Lovinox. I love Lovinox because they are pre-filled syringes and Heparin is not! Lovinox saves me a lot of time. Granted it cost me $30 for a 60 day supply where Heparin is free but it is totally worth it! And, no, after two pregnancies I still don't give them to myself. I love having a doctor as a husband : ).

So far, this pregnancy has been a ton better than my other two. I threw up a lot with Bryce and Kael. I've only thrown up twice so far. I am just nauseous from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I will take that over vomiting anytime! I am hoping it end soon though.

So, if my calculations are right and if they have an opening on this day, I will be induced either December 20th or 21st. I'm going to really try to get booked on the 20that so Chris will be home for more time after the baby is born. He gets either Christmas week off or New Year's week. We like him to have New Year's week off, but this year we are going to ask for Christmas week since I will be induced that week. So, if I can get induced on the 20th, he will have six days off after the baby is born.

We have a boy name picked out...Cohen. We have it narrowed down to three girl names. There is a poll to the right for you to go and vote for your favorite. There is no guarantee that I will use the most popular : ). It is just for fun!
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