Monday, March 8, 2010

Random List

I'm going to do a list today of updates or just neat things that have happened over the last couple of weeks. Here we go...

1. Chris and I made an executive decision to let Kael eat dairy. His stomach is still completely messed up so we don't see the point in doing a dairy free diet when it does not seem to help him. We'll see how it goes. It was nice grocery shopping last night and not having to check labels. Bryce said as I was giving him "cow's milk yogurt" as he calls it..."Leeeeeet's see if he gets sick. I think it's gonna make him sick. I think he's gonna cough." Haha!

2. Church at the Summit West Club campus yesterday was awesome! Clayton King brought an amazing message from the word and I got to serve with some awesome people at Starting Point. Shannon did a great job! Everything ran really smooth for our first reception style Starting Point session.

3. I go for blood work on Friday to get my progesterone levels checked to see if that is contributing to us not getting pregnant. I'm not anxious or worrried. I have two beautiful boys that I am blessed with. God has really given me a patience with this just in the last week. He is so good!

4. We go to the GI doctor for Kael THIS wednesday! I am pumped about getting some answers in that situation.

5. I started my community service this last week. I am working at a thrift store called Cause for Paws. It supports the local animal shelters. It is sort of dirty work but I would much rather be doing that than picking up trash! I have been greatly humbled by this situation.

6. Just in the last couple of months, I have gotten an extreme passion for our neighborhood. I know, it should have been extreme all along but I'm just being honest. I think it has a lot to do with the girl's Dgroup that I am in now and with the current series we are doing at The Summit in Ephesians. There are a few tools that are in the works that will aid us with building relationships with our neighbors and showing them the love of Christ. We already have great relationships with quite a few of them. I am really excited about these and will tell you more about them later!

7. Chris and I leave on the 19th to go to DC with NO kids! That's right...I said NO kids! I love my boys but Chris and I are PUMPED about getting to spend some alone time together. AND, it is being paid for by his work since he will attending a Pathology Conference. He is submitting a poster presentation in a the pathology competition.

8. Pepperidge Farm 7 Grain Deli Rounds are AWESOME!! You must try them! I got them at Walmart. Put a piece of turkey, some mayo, and a slice of meunster cheese and you got a low calorie, YUMMY lunch.

9. Kael has started biting. He has only done it to Bryce but I fear it is only a matter of time before he gets another child in the nursery. Ugh. I have no experience with this so wasn't really sure how to handle it at first. Then, I decided that spanking works for every other disobedient thing so I am going to go that route first. I didn't spank him the first couple of times. But, I feel like if he understands (which he does) that he is not supposed to bite then a spanking is in order. Let me know your thoughts. I may or may not take the advice ; ).

10. My car is finally fixed and I am SO grateful. You don't even know. It has been a long road of no license and then broken car. It is SO nice to have both of them back now!


Allyson said...

I had no idea you all were trying to get pregnant again! I'll keep you in my prayers. Cole went through the biting phase too. I really don't remember what form of punishment we used...but it only lasted a little while, so that was good. I hope Kael's phase doesn't last too long either.

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