Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top Ten (Vol.2)

10. I am completely done Christmas shopping (now, if I can just get them wrapped).

9. So far, Kael has had two vegetable baby foods and has had no reaction.

8. There is only one more week until Bryce's surgery (seems weird to be thankful for that but I am just ready for it to be over with).

7. Kael is completely sitting up now (with no help and never falling over) which is great for entertainment purposes : ).

6. I am in a 10 lb weight loss competition with a friend and I am finally getting motivated. I want to lose 15-20 all together.

5. Chris only has one more week on his surgical pathology rotation and then it is on to autopsy which means a lot less hours. Yay!

4. Our neighbors

3. Our home

2. Rachael Ray held Kael's hand :0)!

1. All of my boys...seriously thankful for them this week.


beckygiggles said...

Yay on Kael not having a reaction! I know for those first few months on baby food (heck, even now) every time Katie ate something new, I was watching her just looking for the hives to start. And once in a while she still breaks out over something. But only a skin reaction, thank goodness. I, too, LOVE Benadryl. Good luck with the ten pounds!

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