Friday, November 21, 2008

Coming soon to Cary, NC...

I am SO pumped!! Rachael Ray is coming to B&N in Cary, NC on December 12th for a book signing for her new cookbook, Big Orange Book. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! It was the very first thing out of my mouth when Chris got home last night! Thank you to Tiffany Clements for telling me about this. I am not sure she really wanted to tell me since she really wants to go as well. She is a good friend. I'm not sure she could tell how thankful and excited I was through Facebook chat : )! Thanks, Tiff!!

I absolutely LOVE Rachael Ray! Anyone who knows me well knows that I make Rachael Ray meals religiously at our house! I would make her meals every night if we weren't on a tight grocery budget. I have two of her cookbooks and I am about to have a third when I go to the signing. I am really hoping that I don't act like a little schoolgirl when I go. I am all worried about what I will say to her when I see her. Isn't that CRAZY?? I mean, she is just a person. How silly!

Here are some of my favorite recipes (Most of these I can make without a recipe now. If any of these sound good to you and you would like the recipe and can't find it online, just let me know):

Classic Rachael Ray Cookbook
-Curry in a Hurry with Jasmine Rice (I seriously make this once a week. It is Chris' favorite. I use Patak's mild curry paste...found in ethnice food aisle in the grocery store. I also leave out the raisins.)
-Zesty Chicken Cutlets Parmigiana (The marinara sauce for this is SO easy. I use this now whenever I want marinara sauce.)
-Chicken Fried Steaks with Creamed Pan Gravy and Biscuits
-Herb Smashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese (just as a side)
-Wild Mushroom Risotto with Tuscan Style Chicken with Rosemary (serves a large party but I just cut the recipe in half)
-Rosemary Chicken Breasts, Brown Butter and Balsamic Ravioli, Tomato and Onion Salad (This was my first Rachael Ray recipe. I timed it and it really only took me 30 minutes. I used to make this once a week as well. I can't have the ravioli right now because of the no dairy diet so it is just not the same. The ravioli is SO easy and great as a side with ANYTHING!!)

Rachael Ray Yum-O cookbook (This is my new one that Chris got me for our anniversary this year so I haven't tried a lot yet. It is a family/kids cookbook.)
-No-Thyme Quick Chicken with Smash Broc-o-tatoes and Gouda Gravy
-Dracula's Transylvanian Goul-ash
-Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Fingers (I use the Flip-Sides crackers instead of pretzels)
-Whole-Wheat Mac-n-Cheese for the Family
-Chicken with Rachel Ray's Apple Cider Gravy or Skillet Barbecue Gravy (both are SO easy and fast!)

These I got online:
-Marinated No-Mystery Meats (a marinade and gravy that can be used with any meat...awesome!)
-Brandied Tarragon Cream Chicken with Camembert Rice (great for company)
-Manny's Manly Meat Sauce
-Cinnamon Peaches with Sugar Biscuits and Whipped Cream (so easy)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Love You More Than Cheese

I thought some of you would want an update on Kael. I took Kael to the Dr yesterday to have them check his poop and look at his eczema. She tested his poop and found NO traces of blood. Yay! This means that the no dairy diet is finally making a difference. I can rest easy that his stomach is beginning to heal and that I am not cutting out dairy for no reason. It is a lot easier to "say no to cheese" when it is for your baby! She said that she doesn't think that I need to cut anything else out. I told her that his eczema seemed to get worse when I tested dairy the other day. She says that it probably just irritates his skin and that his eczema is mainly because "he is just an allergic kid".

She asked if we have any allergies in our family. Well...let's see. My mom and I both have A LOT of skin allergies. My mom also has late onset asthma. My nephew just had his tonsils/adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears because of his allergies. My niece is allergic to cow's milk. Bryce has skin allergies including one to mercapto mix that we just discovered (my grandfather was also allergic to it). So....I think we have the whole allergy thing covered : ).

I am happy to know that we are coming closer to a solution. The Dr is getting us in with a pediatric dermatologist at Duke. She thinks we need to go back since his skin is not getting better and he is so young. The other Dr had put him on a steroid foam that was working. However, this Dr doesn't want us to use it for an extended period since it is a steroid. Chris and I totally agree. She is hoping that the dermatologist will be able to give us something that is safer for him.

I love you more than cheese, my dear.
A Leiderkranz won't do.
Mere Roquefort wouldn't please, my pet,
if I could be with you.

I love you more than cheese, my dear.
I have no need of food-
no Goudas, Muensters, Bries,
my love,
I'm just not in the mood.

I'd give up Provolone
if you would have it so.
If you'd give me a
kiss, please,
then Swiss cheese
I'd forego.

Of Philadelphia Cream
I need no longer dream,
for I love you more
than cheese.

By: Sandra Boynton
Scroll all the way down to the last set of songs and listen.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Here are some pics of Kael in his new Bumgenius cloth diaper and Bumgenius leggings...too cute! I went to buy one today at a store here in Raleigh while I am waiting for the other two bumgenius diapers and the WAY CHEAPER Growing Greens cloth diapers to get here. I think I am going to like these!

Home, Sweet Home

Well, I am home after being gone for almost 2 weeks. I left on the 28th of October and got back yesterday. I went to Johnson City to see my dear friends before they moved to Colorado...bittersweet. Then, I went to my parents in Greenville, SC. I had a wedding on the 1st and 8th of November (both in Greenville) so I just decided to stay for the week. Chris came down over Halloween weekend, but he couldn't get any more time off. It was GREAT to spend so much time with my parents and sister's family! Bryce had a BLAST playing with his cousins everyday! We really had a wonderful time. It is SO great to be back home with Chris! Bryce and I missed him like crazy! I don't think Kael had any idea that we were somewhere else : ). Now, I am trying to get all of my laundry done. I am getting cloth diapers in a few days so I need to be caught up on all the other laundry so I don't get behind. That is all I have to do though since my wonderful husband cleaned the house for me before I got home. It is so nice to come home to a clean house! While I was gone, I decided to change everything that I am doing with Kael to see if I can see improvements in his skin. I changed his soap already. I spent WAY too much money on some kind of organic soap that is free of anything that might break him out. I am also switching to cloth diapers and wipes. I ordered them last night. I was VERY reluctant at first, but now I am kind of excited about it! I will not have to buy anymore diapers since Bryce is potty trained. That is going to be AWESOME! I am also taking him back to the pediatrician to see about getting him tested for allergies so I will know what food to stay away from. My mom is coming up next Monday to be here for Bryce's surgery on the 18th. She is going stay at home in the morning with Kael and then bring him to the hospital for me to feed him. I am glad she is coming to help! Well, I just wanted to give you an update. I am going to take a shower and go to a store here that sells cloth diapers to see if they have any different ones (from the ones I ordered) that I want to try. Have a great week!
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