Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh to be a baby...

So, Bryce and I were in Hallmark today. I was looking for a card for my Dad's birthday coming up next week. I knew I wouldn't be long, so I just carried him in instead of taking his stroller. You will see in a minute why I wish I would have taken his stroller. So, we are walking around the store. Hallmark was packed today. I guess everyone came to experience our funny moment! So, I am listening to those new music cards when I feel Bryce squeezing onto my arm kind of tightly. At first, I thought he was scared of the little halloween trees that were making noises. Then, I look over at him and his face is BRIGHT red. I immediately knew that he was going to the bathroom. Believe me, I know that face! He is not quiet when he goes to the bathroom. Everyone was watching and laughing. It was pretty hysterical!! Oh to be a baby, and have no clue that it even matters. So, there you funny Bryce story of the day!
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